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Is your mover reputable?

People are always moving. Most, unfortunately, fall victim to scams from subpar and even bogus movers who want to make a few quick bucks. Read on to know how to vet your movers.

Get Muva On Your Site!

Once you know about Muva, you probably want to lot of others know as well, and here is how you can do it: put an attractive image on your to link to Muva. If you are already a partner, people visiting your site will be able to get a discount credited to your discount code, […]

Podcast: Listen to all about Moving

Andrew Ritter, the founder of The Muva, has started a podcast series where he talks to people in the moving industry with lots of helpful tips to help you on your next moving journey. The series is called:  We Like To Muva It The first is is a general overview of Muva and the goals […]

Trends in Moving, June 2020

Over the past 3 months the patterns in people moving has been nothing short of extraordinary. In the middle of March, when the US began its lockdown of business and travel due to COVID-19, moving home was virtually non-existent. Things stayed this way until early May, then people decided that holding off from moving was […]

The Challenges & Complaints of Moving

Here’s a list of the 4 most common challenges and complaints that people have when they move. Challenges 1. Sourcing the best moving company for your move This has become more difficult than it might seem. There are so many different moving companies; with so many different specializations and, of course, there’s the quality of […]

The App to Move

First real APP for moving The MUVA app was designed to save people and businesses a substantial amount of time.  Today the app has become essential in another way, because the pandemic. If you want to avoid contact when getting a quote or even getting your home or business moved, then the MUVA app is […]

Q&A About MUVA

Q: What is MUVA? A: MUVA is a technology-based platform that connects people and businesses with world class, white glove moving companies. While on the MUVA app, you will be prompted to provide details of your upcoming move along with a video of everything you want moved; these details and the video enable the moving company […]

Getting on the MUVA Platform

The world is changing every day. Suddenly we find there are people across the country desperately in need of a way to get a moving quote, but they are not allowed to let anyone in. Many places are locked down tight. The move will be allowed, but the rules forbid anyone to enter for other […]

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