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Here’s a list of the 4 most common challenges and complaints that people have when they move.


1. Sourcing the best moving company for your move

This has become more difficult than it might seem. There are so many different moving companies; with so many different specializations and, of course, there’s the quality of such companies in completing the move without damaging or losing items. When choosing a moving company, it’s very important to consider the type of move you are doing. Is it a local move within your city or county? Is it a long distance move within your same state? Is out an interstate or international move? Does the moving company have both the licenses and experience in completing the type of move you are requesting?

2. Ensuring the mover is providing you an accurate quote before your move begins

To complete the booking, you will be required a deposit relative to the size and type of move you are doing. You will be charged for several hours of the mover’s time and labor costs should you cancel the day of the move. The cost of your move will likely be much higher than you anticipated if the mover has not seen all of the large and fragile items you want moved, along with the entrance and exit points to your place and the parking access for their trucks.

3. Organizing your home such that the movers can efficiently access, load and unload your goods without damage.

If small items are not packed securely into boxes or bags prior to the mover’s arrival then your move will take longer and cost more. If fragile items are not separated away from the heavy items then your move will take longer and cost more.

4. Secure parking and access at pickup and drop off for the movers.

If you do not have permits for the mover to park their truck outside your home then you need to get them. If you are in an apartment or condominium you need to have the elevator reserved for your move and the parking designated for the mover’s truck.


5. My valuable TV/couch/bed was damaged by the moving company during the move

The mover should be made aware of any damage immediately. This means on the day of the move, not the following day after the movers have departed. A reputable moving company is more likely to acknowledge damage they might have made if you have video or photographs or the items before and after the move and if you notify the mover immediately when inspected at the drop off location.

6. Our move was far more expensive than the quote estimate.

The most common reason for this is that the mover never had a visual of all the access points to the home and never had a visual of the large and/or fragile items being moved. The other common reason is the home and belongings were not properly organized for the mover to get in and out in the most efficient manner.

7. Items went missing from my move

All items being moved should be recorded in an inventory. With a proper inventory it is easy to point out an item missing.

8. Our movers showed up extremely late for the move without ever notifying us

High quality movers will always notify you in advance if there are significant delays that were unavoidable.

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