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Q: What is MUVA?

A: MUVA is a technology-based platform that connects people and businesses with world class, white glove moving companies. While on the MUVA app, you will be prompted to provide details of your upcoming move along with a video of everything you want moved; these details and the video enable the moving company to provide you an accurate and realistic quote.
MUVA assigns your quote request to the moving professionals best suited for your move. By entering all the necessary information in the MUVA app, the moving company gives you an automatic quote without ever having to come to your home until the day of the move. Saving you valuable time, while also saving you money with the highest quality, professional mover.

Q: What did you do before MUVA?

A: Before MUVA I was in commercial real estate. First as a broker leasing and selling office and industrial properties, then later as a developer and investor of warehouses.

Q: What is unique about your business?

A: We are making moving easy by never having to have the mover come to your place to give you a quote. Getting an accurate quote from a high-quality moving company used to be a very time-consuming process. MUVA takes the guess work away from moving while also saving the customer time and money. By answering key questions and providing video of what is to be moved (while in the MUVA app), the customer provides the professional moving company what is necessary to give a truly accurate quote without having to visit their home. This saves time in scheduling an appointment with the moving company and money, as now the moving company does not need to send out an estimator to provide you the quote.   

Q: How do users benefit?

A: Finding a quality mover is difficult; anyone that has moved recently knows this all too well. Then comes the challenge of getting an accurate quote from the professional mover in a timely manner and taking time away to meet the mover and have them go through your home or workplace. MUVA provides convenience while saving a tremendous amount of time while ensuring accuracy for movers in the quote they generate.

Q: What is your business model?

A: The logic is simple, we save users time and money. An accurate quote can be made without ever coming in contact with the moving company, this can be done at any time of the day or night. By eliminating the useless inefficiency in setting up moves, everyone benefits.

Q: is it a sustainable business?

A: This efficiency also saves the moving company time and the customer gets the pricing benefit of this. We benefit both the users and the movers, making “the eco-system of moving” more established. So yes, our business is very sustainable.

Q: What makes your product unique to the comparable rivals out there?

A: We have created a program which makes MUVA quite special, called “Video to Quote”. MUVA enables you to get an automatic quote from one of the world class moving companies on our platform, without having to schedule an appointment for that company to come to your home. By only video recording the stuff you want to move, you will get the fast and reliable quote within 1 business day and right now we have optimized quoting time in less than 5 minutes of time. Also MUVA stores your video for up to 1 week after the move; this provides a visual, clear and easy way to view a record of what has been moved, and the ability to view the condition of the items that were being moved by the assigned moving company.

All movers on the MUVA platform currently have over 15 years moving experience. They have moved some of the largest corporations in both the United States and the world; they have expertise in handling fragile items and large moves across multiple states. Our movers love what they do and this shows in the quality of their work and the professional handling of every customer’s precious items. Usually tech companies focus more on quantity than quality because of their theory of traffic, but with MUVA the focus is on quality of the companies rather than volume. The moving companies on the MUVA app have been vetted and personally interviewed by a MUVA team member. Several meetings have taken place with each of the movers on the MUVA platform prior to acceptance. This ensures that only the highest quality moving companies are providing moving services. In addition to expertise and quality, the personal review and interview of each moving company confirms that these movers are a good fit with the other movers accepted onto the platform.

Q: Can you describe MUVA in 3 words?

A: Moving Made Magic!

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