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The world is changing every day. Suddenly we find there are people across the country desperately in need of a way to get a moving quote, but they are not allowed to let anyone in. Many places are locked down tight. The move will be allowed, but the rules forbid anyone to enter for other reasons.

We currently service southern California. We had planned to roll the service out slowly across the country, state by state, but the corona virus is forcing us to move much more quickly than we ever imagined. We want to help everyone possible, and so we are bringing on every resource we can, to help people get quotes for their moves without endangering anyone. The MUVA app can be downloaded, your living space video filmed, and you can get a quote without anyone entering your home.


If you are in the situation that you want to move, and you are somewhere outside of California, here is what you need to do:

  • Identify a mover in your area that you would like to get a quote from. Call and make sure they service your zip code.
  • Tell the mover about MUVA and give them a link to the information below.
  • Contact MUVA at and include the following:
    • Your ZIP code that you plan to move from and do.
    • Your suggested moving company name and web site.
    • Approximate desired date for the move, we will prioritize quotes by how urgent they are.
  • Download and install the MUVA app. You may not be allowed to request a move at the moment. Please keep trying, we will enable zip code by zip code as we get the movers set up.


If you have been contacted by a customer who wants to get a quote for a move, but can not allow you to enter the home, the MUVA app can solve this problem. Here is what you need to do.

  • First of all, we only work with fully licensed and insured movers. If you don’t have this documentation in place, you will not be able to get on the MUVA platform.
  • Contact MUVA by sending an email to
  • Include a contact name and phone number so we can contact you to get the agreements in place.
  • Provide a complete list of the zip codes that you can provide service to (that you are interested in getting business from).
  • There is a set of other information that we need from you such as contact numbers and email addresses that we will go over with you.
  • You will need to ensure that MUVA Inc. is named as additionally insured on general liability and auto liability for all moves booked on the MUVA app. 
  • When a customer requests a quote in your selected zip code areas, you will receive an email with a link to the portal. You will have access to the video that the customer made, and from the video you will provide a quote for the service of performing the move. You will be expected to provide this quote within one business day.

We work only with high quality moving companies who provide excellent service for customers. If you are in this category, we would be thrilled to work with you, to get you on the platform, so that customers can request and get quotes for moves in a timely manner. Please contact us right away if you need the ability to reach out to customers who are locked in due to the corona virus mandates.

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