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Frequently Asked Questions

A price range is provided by the mover because much is dependent on how well prepared you are for the movers on their arrival to your home on move day. Doing the following will help you stay to the lower end of this price range: – Have a designated parking spot for the movers that provides direct access to your home – Reserve elevators in advance with property management if you are in an apartment or condominium – Pack small and light items into boxes and place all of these boxes at the front of your home – To the side of your boxes (also at front of home) you should place together all light weight fragile items (your boxes and light fragile items will be the first items into the moving truck) – Heavier items (such as bed, couch, kitchen table) kept at the back of your home for the movers to load into their truck last, so these will be the first items out during unloading.
Prepare well in advance. Plan your move date well in advance.

We understand, there are many events that can seem to delay the ability to pick the best move date. An example here would be selling your home and buying a new home. Sometimes the lenders agent might assure you that everything is fine and for funding for the sale to occur on a specific date; then less than 2 weeks prior to this date you learn that there’s some delay and the escrow closing date needs to be extended. Prepare well in advance here by having in the sale contract language that ensures you are compensated adequately for any delay, even if the delay is the fault of the buyer’s lender and not the buyer. If you are the buyer, then make sure your agent is talking to the lending underwriter and not simply the lenders agent. If you need to make a change of date with any top rated moving company in the US with less than 2 weeks notice then you will probably not get another move date for 1 month and have to pay a significant price increase.

To get the best price, either book your move at least 6 weeks prior to your move date or expect to pay significantly more.
Follow the advice of the moving company that you book the move with. If they are a good quality, expert, best rated moving company, then they know all the things that you should do to ensure that your move is efficient. They may not always immediately offer up this advice, so make sure to ask for it. All moves are different, because of this the ideal preparation for each move will usually be slightly different. Most importantly, plan in advance for a place for the movers to park their truck that is close and easy for them to load. If you are in an apartment or condo, make sure to secure a spot for their truck with building management well in advance and secure private use of any elevator for the specific time of your move. Make sure to confirm the time for the elevator booking with your moving company, building management will not likely hold your private elevator use for the entire day.
Make sure that the quote you receive does not just provide for an hourly cost of the movers. An example here would be XYZ Movers quoting $50 per mover per hour and suggesting 3 movers and 4 hours of move time. It is very common for moving companies to estimate low move times because they have not anticipated problems; such as access points to your property, size and weight of larger items, traffic, or simply just provided a time estimate they know is not realistic. Be sure that the movers have seen everything that is being moved, not simply been told of all the items you want moved over email or over a phone call. Make sure that the movers guarantee the best price for your move.
Pack all light weight items into boxes and label these boxes (such as electronics, cutlery, dishes, pictures etc.) with a permanent marker that stands out. Leave the rest, including large fragile items, for the movers.
Yes, every mover on our platform is both licensed and insured.
Add another video to your request with the Add Video button on your in app status page. If you have already booked your move, let us know via chat so we can handle the addition
Our movers are the best in the business, they have a minimum of 15 years experience and expertise in both large and challenging moves.
Yes. Our movers have expertise in both local and long distance moves, they have consistently moved some of the largest corporations in the world.
The first point of contact should be directly with the moving company assigned to your move. All our movers are professional, fully licensed and insured operators. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the response or service of your mover then you should contact us at or through chat.

The video and details of your move are kept in our system for up to 1 week after your move has been completed, so it is easy for us to review the video and move details if there are any issues with lost or potentially damaged items.

We make moving easy. Whether you’re moving down the street or across the country, we’ll get your belongings where they belong. Download our app and get a free quote, no matter how big or small your move is. Get MUVAing!

MUVA currently serves any move within California, all interstate moves in the United States,
and international moving and shipping from the USA to Australia and New Zealand.

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