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Moving is even more challenging during the times of Covid19, but if the need is there, you can do it. You want to plan carefully. Following this list of suggestions will make your move at any time easier and less hectic.

1. Small and Lightweight first

Pack all your small and lightweight items first. All kitchenware (cutlery, plates & bowls, pots & pans etc), all cleaning supplies, books, wine bottles, decorative items, small picture frames (those that fit in a box) and other miscellaneous, personal items that you are not needing to take in your suitcase.

2. Stack Small Items at Front

Stack the boxes of small & lightweight items at the front of your home. These will be some of the first items that the moves will want to place into their trucks, so save them time by having these conveniently ready for them to take straight into their truck.

3. Locate Lightweight and Fragile Items Near Front

Locate all lightweight and larger fragile items and take them to the front of your home, across from where the boxes have been packed. These are items that are too large to fit in your boxes and of such a lightweight that you can easily carry them. Important to note here to not be doing any heavy lifting of items no matter how strong you might be. The heavy items need to remain in place and left for the movers who are experts in handling them.

4. Picture Perfect

Take pictures of the access and exit points to and from your home and take pictures of all the heavy items that are going to be moved. It is most important that the mover gets to see all the heavy items that are going to be moved and can see how to best get these items out of your home.

5. Review Parking Access

Review the parking access to your home or unit to be sure there is adequate room for the movers to park their truck or trucks. This might require you to contact the city planning department in the city you live to reserve in advance parking for the movers such that their truck is reserved a spot to park on the day of the move. Experienced movers will be able to assist you in getting this done.

6. List People to Inform

Make a list of all the businesses and people that need to be informed of your move. All utility companies, credit cards and service providers should be informed in advance of your move. Make a list of all family and friends that you want to make aware of your new address or simply to know that you are moving.

7. Point out all the Entries and Exits

Make certain the moving company has seen all the entry and exit points to your home, all the rooms where the larger items are located and all the boxes and fragile items that are being moved. High quality, professional movers will want to see everything that’s going and how to get all these items out of your home without causing any damage. If you have assembled items inside your home then either dis-assemble them, or make sure the mover confirms that these items can be safely removed from the exit points of your home without causing damage.

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