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Have you ever asked the question “Do you know any reputable movers”? Have you searched enough review sites looking for a quality moving company? You’re not alone.

People are always moving.  Since the pandemic, Americans are moving houses and offices more than ever before.  Most, unfortunately, fall victim to scams from subpar and even bogus movers who want to make a few quick bucks.  From giving an estimate without ever seeing your goods to asking for upfront cash payments, to changing the price the day of the move – fraudulent movers are getting creative.

We spoke to a senior representative from American Dream Moving & Storage about the issue. “It’s become the norm for them (movers) to grab your furniture and hold it until they get what they want (usually money)”, he says. He adds that these pirate-like movers hold you hostage and at the mercy of their whim until you pay extra.

You move only a couple of times in your life, and without much experience about the process, you may be susceptible to scams from less professional movers.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you evaluate your mover/moving company:

  1. First, call the Department of Transportation and check if the mover’s DOT number is valid. Alternatively, visit the FMSCA site to check their mover database.  Every interstate mover and in most states local in-state mover is also required to be licensed.
  2. Certain states also issue MC numbers for the movers.  For instance, California issues a Motor Carrier permits called CA number to the local moving companies.
  3. Check for red flags while vetting the mover – whether they have a valid website, poor phone manners, or have no references to share.  If any of these holds true, the company is a big No-No!
  4. If they will not provide you with a bill of lading or an official document on the day of the move that outlines your move terms, something is very fishy.  Moreover, if they ask for any payment upfront, you should be on alert.  Reputable moving companies only expect a deposit (which should be refundable up until a few days before the move) and full payment only at the time of completion of the move.

Want to avoid scams while you move? Booking your move with Muva ensures that you’re connected with expert and reputable in-state and interstate movers.  Our movers are fully licensed and insured and have been industry leaders with over 15+ years of experience.

Download the MUVA app, put in the details of your move, and get an estimated quote based on the video of the goods you want moved.  It will take you less than five minutes!

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