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Here’s a short interview with the host of We Like To Muva It and the founder of Muva, Andrew Ritter. 

Tell us about the podcast you’re hosting for Muva. How did it get started?

Muva Podcasts began after I appeared in my first Podcast to talk about how and why Muva started.  I liked the format of it and we, as a team, believed it would be a good medium to provide listeners a personal background on some of the movers on our platform and also learn about what to look out for when planning to move.

What is the one podcast interview question you love asking? Why?

I always love asking people about their life growing up and then learning about how they ended up doing what they are doing.  There are so many really interesting life stories and I am always fascinated to learn what event, or events, in life lead people to do what they do.  

How’s the podcast experience been so far?

Eye Opening.  The Podcast began with a focus purely on the movers, later it became a great way to learn about leaders in other industries and how these industries connect with moving.  There was a logical connection with the sale of homes, however, other not so obvious connections became evident with industries such as corporate relocation (from the podcast with John Boyd) and commercial property development and construction (from the podcast with Pat Irvine).  The journey that our guests took in their lives to get to where they are today and why they ended up where they are was consistently surprising.  So many of our guests began their careers in completely different industries and it was hard to imagine them doing something so different from what they do today.  The passion that they felt for what they are doing was so evident in their voices and their answers to certain questions.  Listening to the challenges they see in their industries and how they have overcome these challenges is inspiring to anyone.

You’ve had some very big personalities, like Pat Irvine and John Boyd – how did it feel like discussing the industry with them?

Industry leaders like Pat and John provide fabulous insight into what is really going in the marketplace.  Since around March of 2020, we have been overloaded with news bulletins and information on everything from health and safety, to politics, to the state of the economy.  Pat and John provided on the ground facts as to what is really happening and where we are headed.

Any quote or insight that caught your ear?

Every podcast has stand-out quotes and insightful information.  Pat Irvine’s comments on what developments make sense to build today and the driving forces behind the commercial building industry, John Boyd comments on these same factors for corporate relocation, Andrew Karigan’s insight into the insatiable demand for luxury housing and its rapid acceleration since shortly after COVID began, Michael Ferrari’s comments on leaving behind the professional car racing industry to become the gentle giant of moving in Los Angeles.  After each Podcast listeners have commented on how the guest on that Podcast gave a most fascinating view into the near future.  

What’s something that’s surprised you about your industry?

How very little information there is about the challenges that high-quality movers face and the alarming number of stories regarding moving scams, damaged items, lost items, and customer surprise on final costs.

Favorite interview experience.

No one favorite; the Podcasts have it all from surprise to laughter, to entertainment.

Where can our listeners connect with you online?

Our podcast is available on most streaming platforms – please refer to this link. Connect with us on social media on InstagramFacebook, or LinkedIn. You can also check out the Muva app here.

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