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Moving Los Angeles

May 28, 2021

Los Angeles as a city has the second largest population in the US.  Los Angeles County includes 88 cities; such as Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, these cities operate independent of the city of Los Angeles.  Los Angeles County has the largest population of any county in the US.  The outlying areas of Orange County and San Gabriel Valley are often included with Los Angeles County and referred to as Greater Los Angeles.  When moving into or out of anywhere in Greater Los Angeles it is most important to understand the laws of the specific city or area in this region.  Navigating Greater Los Angeles sprawling landscape can be one of the biggest challenges when moving into, within, or out of this region.  During your video make sure to comment on where the movers can park their trucks and be sure to show the entrance to your home.  Muva assigns your quote request to local Greater Los Angeles movers who have expert knowledge of moving into and out of homes specifically within your area of the Greater Los Angeles region.